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Canon Powershot G9

I have been trying to write about this camera earlier while waiting for it to arrive me, but it’s already with me yesterday. I order it last 2 days from Amazon and now just wait for my Sandisk Extreme III 4GB SD Card to go with it 😉

Why getting this camera? My good old Fujifilm Finepix F31fd already quite outdated now even it takes very good photos (the past posts most photo took by it), but a 6.3 mega pixels camera may not be able to capture the best scene for me for my first visit to Japan, especially that will be my honeymoon with my lovely wife 😉

This Canon Powershot G9 is about £280 (RM1950 sold in Malaysia), comes with 12.1 mega pixels and inside is the Canon DIGIC III processor which is the same processor for Canon 450D or even Mark II/III. This is a compact digital camera but packed with the features of D-SLR which means I can fully play with the manual functions for shutter speed, aperture and exposure etc. The ISOs is ranging from 80 to 1600. The pros for this camera are so light, perfect shoots, packed with features. The cons part are no many camera lens can be use or buy, only wide angle and the telescopic available 🙁 Luckily the built in optical 6X zoom still good to use.

Here are the few test shot I have been taken this 2 days. Cropped but not tune 😉