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Day 3 – Yokohama

in the early morning kok wai give us a call while we are looking for breakfast. Shyuan then get some bao for breakfast and i go for MOS burger (long time no see MOS burger). One thing in Japan is quite cool, anything it sell with picture display, you will get what exactly shown on picutre, for example, the bao showing a lot of contents inside, then when u get it, it’s really comes with lots of cotents inside. As for lunch the same, I saw the plastic model of a bowl of noodle with some pork on top showing in front of the shop, then when u order it u will see the exact size and amount, which give confidence for their products. There is also a cool thing that if on a bottle of apple juice, if it’s concerntrate or part real juice, they will only show an apple on the packaging, only for 100% juice can show a cutted fruit picture, so pro huh.

Back to the day trip, wai is very kind that brought us to yokohama on his 7 seater toyota wish, and we can experience the part of Tokyo industry and residential area which normally a tourist will not see it at all.

When first arrive in yokohama, we walked thorugh a theme park, so it’s early i bring shyan to try out the exciting roller coaster and it’s really really high. then we walk throughout the yokohama and even saw some show room for home (display by the developers company and we get to see the nice design of japanese modern home (the overall price is a bit cheaper than London)

We then get to he biggest chinaown in japan and i found it’s different than the chinatown in london. It’s very japanese and mostly from china border.

we then went to the tai chang and visit the toyota display centre, fuji tv hq and the rainbow bridge and took lots of nice photos.

then we have the real sushi and try out the bloody fatty tuna which is really juicy and sold at about 450 yen (£2.20) per pc. I still prefer my salmon sushi after trying this famous otoro because the salmon for me taste far better then the fatty tuna and the price is also just 1/3 of it.

after 70% filled up, we then get to the japanese beef bbq and try out the famous japanese black beef and as what i expected, it’s just toooooo good!!!!! (about 6 small pcs for ö but this is not the top range)

the final place we went before back to hotel is he local supermarket and it just made me and shyuan really wish to stay in japan instead of london. the food and fruits are so fresh and the bread and bun is just tooo cute and soft and delicious. All the other things are just too good in packaging and seems useful as well.

Finlly we got back to the hotel at 12am (we left at 10am in the morning) and we just dunno how to thanks kok wai. Mate, come to london with your wife next time you free, I sure will treat you with the best. Thanks again brother!!!