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day 7, hokkaido, Sapporo

We took the flight to Sapporo, Hokkaido. We have very heavy luggages since Shyuan bought lots of things. We went to the airport early in the morning, so we have a long waiting in airport

I found that Sapporo is better than tokyo, less people but got the similar shops.

There is a 2nd hand comic book shop which I like most coz the price are very cheap and those books still very very new.

We have a crazy crab dinner that night, about £20 per person but eat until you die 😉

We also found the best milk desert in the world at here

After dinner we have a walk in the city anb the Sapporo tower is very beautiful at night

We went in to Marui shopping centre very late and got the discounted super tasty grapes, now I know why Japanese make the sweets so sweet like fake, because their fruit is really taste like that way, you must try 😉