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DIY – Removing Wallpaper

hi ya…I have been DIY recently for my flat, so I decided to talk about some of the experience.

This topic is about REMOVING WALLPAPER.

Removing wallpaper is quiet tiring if you do not have the right tools even it’s a small room. My office room is done by without using the right tools, so it waste me a whole day for removing wallpaper on 4 walls.

When come to the second room, the bedroom now, I bought the Wallpaper Steamer (cost around £20) and it just  took me half day for removing the wallpaper 😉

How to use the wallpaper steamer? fill the machine with hot water, switch it on, when it become steaming, just apply it on the wallpaper on the wall and use the scrapper easily remove it 😉

So, the proverb never goes wrong, 工欲善其事,必先利其器