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Give away Costume Jewellery on GirlZecret

This week started we are “giving away” nice costume jewellery on www.girlzecret.net / www.girlzecret.cn. Thanks for Mr John Rose sponsored all of this “give away” 😉 Thanks for Mr Khoo’s helping in choosing the nice things

How to get it?

You just need to register on www.girlzecret.net and invite more friends to join you to earn GZ$. Every person you invited will earn you GZ$100, which means you invited 10 friends OR put in their Email Address in the address book, will get you GZ$1000 that can claim one of the costume jewellery deliver to you. We currently only do the FREE Delivery to UK/Ireland. Malaysia/China fans will need to join www.girlzecret.cn instead on our Asia server, FREE Delivery coming soon to you too 😉

Cheers!!! and Hurry Up!!!