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iPhone 3G at O2 UK

As I expected, the new iPhone 8GB will be FREE if go for £45 or £75 tariffs (18 months contract). It cost only £99 if taking a £30 or £35 contract for 18 months, where 16GB version will be £159.

This will be a big hit in the UK, I think it will run out of stock once launch in 11th-July.

Personally I will go for the £35 contract and pay £159 for the 16GB iPhone 3G. Total cost should be £789 spread across 18 months. The good things is this plan comes with 60 anytime any networks free minutes with 500 sms (which I seldom use) plus unlimited O2 WIFI hotspot + Data (3G Internet Browsing).

Somemore if you are joining the new MobileME (www.me.com) from Apple for USD$99 a year, you will get the PUSH services for email, contacts and calendar (just like the Blackberry but more).

I expected this will be another success for Apple this year 😉