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Samsung NC10 Netbook around £299 (RM1600)

Samsung NC10 Netbook
Samsung NC10 Netbook

Among all the hot netbook in the market now, I found that the Samsung NC10 Netbook comes with the most competitive specifications and also, a good price. The NC10 comes with all the features that maybe you can not even find on an expensive laptop. The only things to disadvantages compare to expensive mobile laptop maybe just the speed of processor. I have not yet tested any Intel Atom based computer yet but I believe that you do not need a super powerful processor for a laptop now a days. If I am not with my MacBook now, I definitely will get this one for travelling.

For me, netbook will be good for email, web conferencing, voip, messenger, photo organizing, music, movie (even HD) and of course, working 😉

Let’s look at the spec Continue reading Samsung NC10 Netbook around £299 (RM1600)