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The Dark Knight

When Christopher Nolan took the directorial project Batman five years ago, he basically revived the concept of Batman.

Anyone of you familiar with Nolan’s work will know he ‘games’ with the time and space of cinema.

There is no doubt that Batman Begins is a blockbuster but he challenges the fragility of Batman and his emotional upheaval. You may interpret the concept a little deeper like ‘being’ Batman, transformation. Also there is no denial that a lot of references are coming from a psycholoanalytic point of view such as Freud and Lacan. The alter ego of ‘bat’, also the ‘Other’, the unconscious which is his fear-most ‘bat’. His confrontation with his fear and unconscious transform the human being…sound Nietzsche.

Now, this summer, Nolan and his solid cast return with what the batman franchise ‘begins’ 16 years ago.

The emphasis of this film is definitely on the late Heath Ledger as the notorious Joker. From the trailer and poster, the new Joker appears more ‘slim’ compare to Jack Nicolson’s version. Please note that all of Nicholson’s wardrobe was from the late Edward Sexton which his work has a great influence on Mark Powell, Timthory Everest and John Pearse’s Cutting technique.

Will there be and psychological reference this time, of course, I believe Joker is basically the ‘mirror’ of Batman and vice versa. A small different to traumatic unconscious, the mirror stage enhance the existence of the individual, establishing the Ego or ID.

I expect more English tailoring like Anderson & Sheppard’s three-pieces on Christopher Bale and Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label on Caine and Preppy style Morgan Freeman.

Please kindly find two official poster for the film.

Release date is July 17th.

Best Regards,

Lau Wai Kei