BMW 320d M Sport, Almost bought it

Nice huh…today been vising the nearby BMW showroom and saw the nice used BMW 320d M Sport Coupe, priced at £32000. After been shopping for a while, finally we decided to go for a £26000 Saloon version instead (exactly the same model and spec and colour and it’s a Nov 2007 car which done about 7000 miles). I crazyly paid the deposit and happily get home. After reach home leh, actually me and wife decided to go and cancel it tomorrow. Why? because we are going for honeymoon soon lah, so I am not going to put this nice new car in the driveway, and also, they trade in my 2 years old Honda Jazz 1.4SE for £7000 only which I found online I can sell it for £9500 instead. We are going to get this BMW when we back from honey moon in Japan. Wish me luck and show you all the actual photo when I buy it in July. Stay tuned!!!

Apache Pretty URL, finally I know how to do liao ;)

Nice tutorial found on the PHP Books, now I know how to create Pretty URL for the websites or web applications I did 😉

Basically Pretty URL work like this, for example

original “About Us” web address:  (difficult to remember, right?)

after Pretty URL tweak:  (it’s much better now 😉 )

So, what is Apache and what is PHP/MySQL?

First, talk about PHP. This is a kind web programming language I learn about 3 years ago when I was working for a PC Motherboard company. Since that time my company got no professional website, so I start to selfstudy and learn how to make a nice professional corporate website (I work asregional sales manager, this did boost my sales). PHP is a dynamic web programming language, some sort looks like the C (which I don’t know, lol). The PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page and now the proper name is PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

MySQL is a open source SQL datase engine which work good with PHP and lots of resources online.

Apache is the web engine which turn a computer to serve websites, so when you type in, the internet will bring you to my server and the Apache on server will translate the website and show on your internet browser, all this are done by Apache and it’s open source too ;~)

Time to work on, talk more later 😉 ciao!!!

HSDPA now action in Acton!!!

Interesting! While I am dealing with my new SD Card today, I just saw that the “H” sign came out on my T-Mobile MDA Vario III (HTC Keiser / TyTn II)!!!

What does this “H” means? Oh ya, it means that HSDPA (High Speed 3G Network available in the area (which is my office room here). I used to get “3G” or “G” (GPRS, slowest) here and only can see the “H” sign in Central London.

Coolio mate, let me test the speed and post more!!! Ciao!!!

New Sandisk Premier 2GB Micro SD Card Write Protected?


Just got my new Sandisk Premier Micro 2GB SD Card today. While I am happily plug in the card to my card reader with the bundle SD adapter, I found out that it cannot be format or create folders in my Windows XP / Linux (CentOS) / Max OSX…..

Why why why? I have been searching on the internet but no one comes with solutions. It’s not about the Write Protection Tab, I aware of that. It’s about the card reader I am using maybe not the latest yet. The Sandisk packaging smartly showing that it’s for Mobile. It does work perfectly in my MDA Vario III (HTC Keiser) though.

Finally, I do not want to waste my time, so I just put the new card into my phone and use the ActiveSync to transfer my files from the old 512MB SD Card in the server.

Oh mate!!! Don’t ever ever comes out with product like this…not everyone technical people…even a techy like me also can’t sort out….