Exhibition Opening – By Invitation

Dear Everyone,

As you all know, the winter is now having his arm fully stretched and
it is the ideal moment for an existential idiosyncratic exercise to
avoid mental depression.

The first exercise would take place tomorrow at the Opening evening of
White cube gallery (Maison Yard), celebrating recent works by Polish
artist Miroslaw Balka from 6pm to 8pm.
That’s tomorrow night, let you know if you are interested and it would
be good to share your winters. Continue reading Exhibition Opening – By Invitation

Google Friend Connect, trying to grab market shares from facebook?

Just got the invitation from Google for this new service few minutes ago – Google Friend Connect and I am already first try out on waterblowing.com here.

The functionality of this new service are very similar to facebook but a lot more simple. Let’s try it out more and then I will post more comments.

Join me 😉

Title original should be: “Google Friend Connect, trying to kill facebook?”

News: I can see this will start booming just like when Google first launching GMail years ago where I was invited too. By the end of this year we should see most blog sites (at least) will integrate with it.