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New iPhone 2.0, It’s here NOW!!!

It’s going to have a WHITE coloured version too, WHITE, shyuan must be really excited about WHITE phone 😉

The conference is still on and I just making a quick shout first

The new iPhone still comes with the 3.5 inch screen but have more features now

– 3G Enabled


– Compatible Audio Jack

This time the phone look a bit fat at the back (black plastic) with smaller edges with nice chrome buttons ;)

I definitely will buy one and try on after trip to Japan. Let’s see will O2 UK give away the phone for free like the BBC website stated (if you are on the high monthly contract payment)

New iPhone 2.0, It’s here NOW!!!

check it out 😉


Launching in July 11th (Good, I back from Japan on the 9th July)

8GB iPhone for USD$199 (I guess in UK will be £99 ???)

16GB iPhone for USD$299 (I guess in UK will be £169 ???) (oh oh, vincent leong, you bought the expensive old 8GB iPhone 1.0 liao, how ahh??? lol)