Day 1 – London Heathrow to Narita Tokyo

We are on the way now, rushing on the tube to London Heathrow Terminal 3. Luckily when get to the airport, the JAL counter is quite free, so we do not need to rush anyore. The customer service girl Aiko chan are so kind, she offer us 3 seats in a row with window seat, so me and shyuan no need to share the seats with others

on the plane, basically i found the the JAL comes with bigger seating place than Emirates and MAS, I mean the space for putting your legs is longer, the seats is harder (which is good in supportting your back), even the controller is better (for Multimedia). The multimedia TV interface very good too, easy to navigate.

for the hostress, no need to say lah, jaanese girl wor….good service 😉

for the food leh, a bit dissapointment due to run out of beef bento, i have to take the bloody cod fish instead. overall the food is not good enough, is it because it’s preparre in the UK? hopefully on the returns will have better food.

Now just half and hour to go to reach Tokyo Narita, yo yo yo…

All right all right…arrived Japan now…custom no problem at all, the Narita airport looks very very old lah, even it’s so clean. Shyuan said it’s already 30 years old liao. I just got my simcard from Softbank Global counter which I booked before hand. The customer service girl is actually chinese, so bloody funny since i dunno japanese lah. Now I am typing this on the Naria Express to Shinjuku by using my expensive 14 das JR Pass (cost us £220 each!!!)

now during this route, i can see semua kampung house only

In hotel liao, at first, it’s difficult to look for the hotel location but after I figured out how they assigned the address, then it’s not difficult to search. 7-14-14 is the hotel address in Shinjuku, which 7 means area 7 (7-chome) then street 14 and then house number 14 😉

The hotel reception english is quite good so we got no problem of cmmunication. The funniest one is about the Free internet access notice in the lift, they just translate the english version using online translator (maybe) and came out with totally nonsense english, as shown in the photo here 😉

after some quick rest, me and shyuan already super hungry and start to hunt for dinner nearby. There are a lot of restaurant nearby but we just know which one to choose. finally we went in one with a bit of people but we are not really satisfied after dinner because we are looking for something like the katsudon lah. Dinner cost around 2500 yen (£10). Cheaper then in London but I know consider expensive in Japan liao.

We then head off for window shopping. The products in Japan really cool, nice packaging and not expensive too. We will not buy things tonight because just first day. We did get into the red light district as well, saw pachinko too, a lot of DUCKS, BIG Camera shop with al nice camera, The mobile phone shop that with lots of damn cool looking, colourful japanese handset.

we are so tired then we have to get back hotel and sleep. oh ya, the internet access in hotel is damn fast, faster than my 24mb line in London. Lightning fast!!!!





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