~Declining Standard of Morality~

“The police are today hunting for the culprits behind a dramatic shootout at the capital’s main airport which left six injured as robbers escaped with more than a million dollars in cash.”- 10/04/2008

“Is it a matter of inhumanity or blind observance to the letter of the law? Or in this case, a birth certificate. Two primary school boys, Merannto and Sri Gunawan, were literally thrown out of their Tamil language school in Kuala Lumpur because they were foreigners. Their father is a Malaysian while the mother is a Indonesian”

” A nasi lemak seller was charged in the Sessions Court here today with nine counts of cheating involving RM756,680 while his wife was charged with abetment.”

** I google for only 3 minutes this afternoon and I noticed, Malaysia’s criminal rate is increasing. No doubt, every country do happen criminal cases but are they as serious as my lovely country here? I think is time for the ‘useful’ government to do something. As I mentioned above, there is a declining standard of morality of the society. This happened not just because of the education system problem but also from the police force. What the hell malaysia police is doing nowadays? Ok, lets talk about it now. first of all, I noticed that the police personnels in Malaysia will always call u ‘Abang’, ‘boss’, when they stopped you. Everyone who stays in Malaysia will know why they like to call you BOSS, right?

Let us talk about the body size of the policemen in Malaysia now. I met a policeman where he can’t drive a police car (Waja, Kancil) because of his stomach can actually reach the steering wheel of the car. Is this the standard body size a police personnel should have? Can this size actually helps the policeman to run faster? When u talk about this to anyone in Malaysia, their answers will either “standard lah”, or “know only u know ah”….

Thirdly, let us talk about prosecution team in malaysia. They are not as professional as those in UK or HK. No doubt, some of them are a law degree holders but some of them are just a STPM holders. Why a STPM holders can go to court to fight a case? Is he a qualified person to do that? Is this fair to the community or either to the defendant? If it is not, don’t even try to send a STPM holder or a non law degree holder to go for prosecution job. Oh ya, if a person like them can go to court, then why should i study law? I think is time to stop my study and join police force in Malaysia, right? Is no point study law anymore… haha..

Furthermore, In the police force anniversary this year, I noticed that they wanted to change themselves to a better force. I will always support them to do so, but is this mean that when u say u wanted to change to be better, means u can do it just by talking rather than action? You can’t change to be better just by CHANGING the badge put on the uniform, the uniforms and the equipments of the policemen using. But from the day they said they wanted to change until yesterday, a serious robbery case happened in KLIA(THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN MALASIA, but is known as the important drug transit station too), they are still the SAME!!! So from this point, I dont think is the equipments that should be changed but I think either the management should be changed or the whole police force should be re-form. Changing equipments is just a waste of time and money. Oh, who paid for it? I think is the citizens who paid tax, right? wasting taxpayers money again!

Other than that, policemen in Malaysia will always try to give excuses when they failed to do something. Why? I think this is the culture. Isn’t? I read a book named ‘no excuse’. I read the chinese version of it. This book is telling something about an army force in US. it stated that, in US, the armies will not allowed to give excuses in anything they did wrongly or even they are innocent! They can only answer 4 answers when they are answering their higher ranked personnels:-

  1. Yes, Sir

  2. No, Sir

  3. I dont know, sir

  4. No excuse, Sir

Isn’t a good idea for Malaysia police force to practise this? Honestly, to all the policemen Of Malaysia out there, We, most of the Malaysian, lost confident to u all. Not because we don’t trust you or dont give any chance to you but you made us very disappointed. No excuse anymore, Please!

I wrote this not because i wanted to spoil the name of the RPM but is to remind the police force that too many criminal cases happening everyday and shown that you are not doing your part as a policeman yet i am still looking forward for a better police force in Malaysia… but i don’t know when will it happens:(







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