Belgium Taste, Belgo at Covent Garden London

First test taste of Belgium food, sort of, at Belgo (near Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London). Here the famous dinner is mussels, the fruit bear and desert. Prices are average above I can say, about £9 to £13 for main course, starter ranging £5 to £8, desert from £4 to £7 and bear price also around £3 to £5 (as far as I remember)

When we walk in to the restaurant, the upper level is just for queing and then we’ve been lead down to the underground part which the restaurant utilized about 5 to 6 shop lot kind of space, which is BIG!!! Lots of people too….

The service is all right but the waiter all are always too busy…..

The food came with surprise when first reaching my table, especially the tempura mussels 😉 but once you almost finish the meal, I just feel it taste like another normal western food which is not too bad 😉

Next time I better show you all the lunch I always went with my client in Windsor – Duke of Edinburgh, surprising nice bar food that you won’t expected from a pub.



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