MacBook The Small White, Why Don’t You Sleep

bloody hell me, I almost lost my small white (MacBook) today. I have been bringing it around London today when I first suspect why my bag so hot, at first I thought that it’s summer, so I didn’t really check it. Then when come to lunch time and I started to take the documents out for sum j, I then found out my MacBook is very very very HOT!!!! I only then realised it didn’t sleep at all since yesterday evening. I quickly shut it down and let it cool down. Luckily I still able to get it power on and writing this post now.

Why the small white not sleep? why a computer will sleep? Oh, the truth is, I never power off my laptop since I use it almost everyday and when you shut the lid down it normally will just get into sleep mode. So when you need to use it you just open the lid and it’s ready to be use straight away.

I know the reason why it’s not sleeping this time because the last use yesterday I keep the Sailing Clicker on (this is a software) which I have disable the sleep function so when I watching movie it will not sleep by itself.

So, always remember to make sure your laptop sleep properly!!! 😉






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