L888 SSK, Police said Unknown??? Almost Kena 三万

Yesterday night at 10pm while going down to the tube station to get Shyuan, but once I got there and try to make a U-turn, a police car at the back STOP me!!! The Mr. Policeman walk down near my car like in the movie and said: “Mr, please stop the engine and walk slowly out of the car!!!”…I abit surprise lah and start thinking is it he saw me pressing the bluetooth button on my phone (that time I am trying to activate bluetooth while waiting at traffic lights lah)

The mata (policeman in malaysia language) then said: “your car shown as UNKNOWN in our car records, where do you get the car and plate from???”….I told them that just newly change lah, last Friday only. So he call back to the call centre and check my old car reg and found it lor. Finally he say thank you and shake my hand too. Diu!!! 虚惊一场

So now I have to hide my car at the back of my flat 😉 (bullshit lah!!!)






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