for anyone who wan2 quit smoking in M’sia

this cigarette got advice from EC Council printed on box and it only sell for RM2.50, really got this rokok name selling in UK? it taste like shit, make me wan2 quit smoke as well.






4 responses to “for anyone who wan2 quit smoking in M’sia”

  1. boyd avatar

    hahahahaha…diu diu diu 😉 papaya leaf rules the world

  2. ejay avatar

    wan quit smoke jus go sing kara ok lah,my fren khoo hav support tis formula all the time……….jus come n try kara ok time………….haahahahaha

  3. kskhoo avatar

    this J&P are real cigarette la, only selling in black market in m’sia, but i not sure y the box was printed the advice from EC council said tat Smoking Bad For Health

  4. boyd avatar

    KA-RA-O-KE Good good good

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