Here comes Mr. Monkey 4519

Mr. Monkey arrive home safely!!!

10,000 Limited Edition Mr. Monkey (Do you believe this? 10,000 only wor, another marketing gimmick ;))

No.4519 is his lucky number.

Mr. Monkey is made from 100% organic material and main material is socks. By purchasing him, at the same time there are money donated to Comic Relief too (Charity Organisation in the UK).

Well, more photos should come soon if you want to see him 😉 Let me know and I will take the photos if interested or if you want a Mr. Monkey, post me a comment here and I will help you to get one 😉

His little brother is in my L888 SSK at the moment






2 responses to “Here comes Mr. Monkey 4519”

  1. SeeSee avatar

    Mr monkey –“3% invisible” will coming to me soon

  2. boyd avatar

    got to wait till Sept leh 😉

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